Our new Daycare Coordinator

Hi.   My name is Mrs.Becky Deutch.  

I have been working with children for as long as I can remember.  Even back in Junior High School I volunteered to be a peer mentor.  I have attended both Purdue University and Illinois State University.  My degree is in Human and Educational services which combines the fields of Special Education with Social Work.  Since graduating, I have devoted my life to helping others of a wide variety of ages and abilities.  I have taught 5-12 year olds at the Botanic Gardens, I have taught life skills to adults with disabilities, I have been a case manager for 0-3 year olds with disabilities, and I have taught infants and toddlers at a prestigious school in Glenview.  I strongly believe that children learn best with consistency, love, and support.  I strive to promote positive self-esteem by using behavioral redirection techniques to teach alternatives to undesired behaviors.  I also believe that a busy child is a happy child.  This means providing children constant opportunities for exploration, problem solving, movement, and creativity.  With your help, your children will find that school can be a safe and fun place to learn and grow.